Production of Reusable Sanitary Pads

We also continue with a pilot scheme to produce reusable sanitary pads in collaboration with Concern Worldwide for an SRH project with 60 girls in three slum areas.


We had a group of 20 girls to produce their own hand made reusable pads as well as using them. 


In 2017 May 28th celebration we had the opportunity to collaborate with IrishAid. 


They funded our training and workshops on MHM as well as the trial production with four sewing machines. 

We show case over 50 packs of our first complete local product of EcoJC pads in our May 28th 2017 celebration and it was a great success. 


However, we released the scheme was viable and we received donations of two sewing machines to start small production for more trials.

Our girls shared their experience of using two different RUSP made by Days for Girls and Eco Pads.


After our pilot scheme from the report of the 20 girls using the two different products we decided to produce EcoJC pads.


We have established a sewing centre in Makeni City were we launched our new EcoJC Pads in 2017.


We had produced and distributed 25,000 kits of reusable sanitary pads in partnership with UNICEF in 2018 and currently producing 15,000 kits .


We are the lead and fastest growing organisation in production of reusable sanitary pads in Sierra Leone and training on MHM.


We are a member of the Africa Coalition on MHM based in South Africa.


Our Production Center at Ropolo Redcross in Makeni City