Girl Child Network is a National Non-Governmental Organization NGO (CSO member) that seeks to promote the rights and holistic empowerment of the girl child in the home, school and community in Sierra Leone.


The main issues we seek to address include girls’ empowerment, through sending them to school and supporting their talents which will empower them in the long run. We also want to address the issue of children’s rights, sexual reproductive health (Menstrual Hygiene), harmful cultural practices (FGM/C and Child Marriage), Gender-Based violence (GBV), sexual abuse rights, and rehabilitation of victims, and sports, arts/culture



We support and promote holistic empowerment of girls in the home, school and community and build platforms to advance their right and freedom so that they reach their full potential.


GCN was established in 1998 out of the helplessness and hopelessness of the girl child in Zimbabwe with the view to assisting girls in their quest for emancipation.


Anita Koroma and team decided to replicate GCNW girls empowerment model in Sierra Leone in 2011 in order to address the current trend of teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, education/career pathway, sexual reproductive health(Menstrual Hygiene), early sex and marriage, child abuse and right, Confidence-building and non-achieving life of the girls to create renewed impetus to push Sierra Leone forward.


We also provide an opportunity for sustainable partnerships with other stakeholders in addressing the issues affecting the girl child in Sierra Leone. The efforts that have been initiated and implemented by GCN must be pursued with more vigor and determination.



GCN envisage a society where girls are empowered and enjoy their rights with support from whole communities so as to walk in the fullness of their potential. GCN mobilizes whole communities to eradicate patriarchal structures that dominate homes, schools, and communities so as to support and develop an enabling environment to promote and protect the rights of the girl child.


GCN ensures girls at risk and most vulnerable to abuse are rescued and empowered to speak out and through provision of safe shelter, training and strong referral to legal and medical aid stand up to defend their rights. GCN also support girls to stay in school and ensure a violent free home, school and community environment so that girls get maximum benefits from education.



GCN’s mandate comes from the girls themselves who by joining girls’ empowerment clubs signal their desire for GCN to lead the holistic empowerment of the girls.


We act as a voice for vulnerable girl children through leadership training, confidence building, guidance and advice on education and career pathway, advocacy to legal access and child friendly laws and policies, community education on child abuse and the urgent need for eradication of harmful cultural practices that hinder the full physical and emotional growth of the girl child.